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Negotiating the right way.

Many experts believe in the use of clever word play and persuasion during negotiations. However, coming out of a negotiation with the best alternative that suites both parties involves qualities, other than just word play and persuasion that can be learnt by just anyone.

A negotiators job requires combining various skills, thinking clearly and rapidly to analyse situations to which he must give judgement to the best course of action. It so happens that a negotiation is is situation of give and take and one choosing the best alternative that will suite both parties. Hence the need for a negotiator to have the ability of quickly accessing various consequences or risk being a failure in the negotiation.

However, mere analytical skills are of no use if a negotiators lacks inter personal and communication skills. It is important that in negotiation, your case is well appreciated by the other party. The difference between failing and succeeding at a negotiation is the ability of the negotiator to find out what their objective is, cling on to this objective without being thrown off it so they can achieve what this objective.

The Qualities a Negotiator can’t do Without

Great negotiators share these qualities to guide their success:

  1. Analytical Skills
  2. Calm, Confident and Impersonal
  3. Detachment

Analytical Skills

A good negotiator must be able to listen a discern what the other party’s true objective is in order to come up solutions that are to his or her advantage and yet satisfying the other party as well. This also involves being clear of what your objectives are and knowing what exactly it  is you want while planning and considering various alternatives to statements made by the other party. All in an effort to find how the other party’s statements relate to to your own objectives and thereby passing judgments that favor both parties.

Calm, Confident and Impersonal

Successful negotiation requires you to be always be calm, confident and impersonal while executing the skills listed above. These seem quite trivial but they are difficult practice when in the heat of negotiation.Emotions must be kept out of the process since lack of detachment can spell disaster for a negotiation. It is imperative that the negotiator stays optimistic of his or her convictions, clear and connected to what he or she is trying to achieve.


A good working knowledge of general issues and business comes in very handy in any negotiation. The a negotiator may be assisted be various specialist in different fields, he or she must sufficient knowledge in each field as he go going to play the role of a leader in leading all his team mates to achieve the common goal they set out to achieve.It is not about knowing everything either but a broad based knowledge covering various fields including then understanding of human nature is sufficient.

Is Our Ultimate Goal to Win?

In the end, our end game should not be all about winning but rather achieving the objectives we set out to achieve. We want to leave the table with our objectives at hand while being flexible enough to have struck a good deal. A good negotiation leaves each party happy and ready to do business with each other again.

Sure, there are a hundred other qualities that might be required in a negotiation but the three most important skills to start learning today have been listed above.


What are your top qualities for negotiation? Share your thoughts in the Comments box, below!

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