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Managers play a holistic role in every organization, irrespective of the their authority to make decision or not. Top to down their responsibilities demand dynamic personalities and leadership qualities. Unless continuously educated with latest trends, skillsets and development programs, Managers are mostly left alone to struggle the knots of growth

Zenfuklub created a platform for Corporate Managers to bring learning engagements with networking opportunities. We want to bring transformation in training and development environment by introducing unconventional learning style at ZenFuKlub. This platforms furnish opportunities to learn from within and outside the industry

To understand their KPIs and bring healthy ROI to their respective companies. ZFK members should stand out, perform extraordinary and attain world-class appreciation

Developing a “in-demand candidate” for the organization is not an easy task. It requires a continuous and a long drill. Mostly it involves working, creating and polishing the mindset. Mindset plays a major role in everyone’s success. ZenFuKlub has developed its agenda to impact mindsets of our corporate managers who can then reflect the positive and profitable results in their respective organizations

ZenFuKlub is not an ordinary talking Klub. It engages, evolves and enrich corporate managers’ experience of growth and passion to achieve great heights.

Benefits of Zenfuklub

Members Benefits are immense. With our annual payment plan, it is easier for you to track the pace.

Extensive Tool kit for learning. Enormous subjects we cover throughout the year, includes these. With our Powerpoint presentations, lecture videos, and event attendance you will be learning from 360 degree dimensions.

Learning Streams (premium)

A carefully-curated journey of connected resources to help you master a specific topic


Easy self-assessement tools to help you establish your ability levels in everything from people skills to time management.

Bite-Sized Training

Courses in workbook format that guide you through topics from negotiation and public speaking to time management and decision making.

Book Insight (premium)

Recommendations on the best new business books and trusted classics. Access several reviews, all available in text and as 15-minutes audio download.

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